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is a private cheat for Apex Legends.

Anti-cheat status:

- EAC: Undetected *

Built-in HWID Spoofer - cleaner

Game version:

- Last

Features of the cheat:

- Supports all game modes;
- No FPS drawdowns when using a cheat;
- Accurate silent aimbot that is invisible to players;
- Works in full screen mode of the game;

- Intel or AMD processor;
- Work only on Nvidia Card
- Windows 10 versions;
Cheat functions:


- pSilent Aimbot (Aimbot without aiming at players, all bullets will fly right on target! Unnoticed by observers!)
- Aim at Players (Aim at players)
- Aim Smooth
- Aim Key (Ability to select the activation button aim)
- Bullet Drop Prediction
- Bullet Speed ​​Prediction (Preemption on moving targets)
- Visible Checks (Checking visibility for an aimbot)
- Adjustable FOV (Changing the angle of view of the aim)
- Ignore Knocked (Does not aim at knocked players)
- Recoil Control (RCS, Adjustable Recoil Compensation)

- Player ESP (Shows players)
- 2D Box ESP (Shows squares)
- Chams \ Glow ESP with visible checks (Outline and highlight player models with visibility check)
- Show Knocked (Shows knocked players)
- Visible Checks (Checking the visibility of players)
- Health ESP (Shows lives)
- Armor ESP (Shows armor)
- Item ESP (Shows game items)
- SkinChanger (Change of skins)
- Limit Distance Item ESP
- Friends ESP (Shows friends)
- Barrel ESP (Shows where the enemy is looking)
- Limit Distance ESP (Limit distance display ESP)

- Lag Factor (Creates lags for your character)


Always check our status page before buying to make sure that you are using the undetected warzone hacks or cheats. Hacks that bypass Anti-cheat software because Security teams watch your every movement and we are here to avoid that because we review all possible cheats and hacks. If you are caught using a cheat or hack, then you will get banned, that is why we are here; to prevent you from getting banned.

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