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    Cheat Apex Legends - LEGACY

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    Silent aim
    invisible to the anti-cheat system



    Game version: Origin/Steam
    Support OC: Windwos 10 or Windows 11
    Supports Intel or AMD processors


    Glow - here you can set the highlighting of the enemy models


    • Enable - this parameter activates the outline of enemies

    • Dist - setting the working distance of the function in meters

    • Knockouted - color choice for characters that are knocked down

    • Low Health - the color of opponents with low health

    • Medium health - the color of opponents with low HP

    • Hight Health - the color of characters with a high supply of hit points


    Misc - additional functions are configured here


    Specator list - displaying a list of spectators. Doesn't work very accurately

    Teammates - teammates highlight color using ESP

    Mini-tab menu - includes the status of enabled features on the screen

    Trigger Bot - a function that makes an auto-shot if the enemy hits the scope


    ESP - this tab is responsible for ESP functions. Various visual features that are drawn on top of the game

    • Player ESP - display various information about players

    • Visible Check - check if the character is behind an obstacle or not

    • Dist - this slider controls the working distance in meters

    • Box - highlighting opponents using boxes

    • Name - shows nicknames (names) of opponents

    • Meters - displays the distance to enemy characters in meters

    • Snaplines - lines that connect you to enemies

    • Health bar - displaying the player's HP bar

    • Shield Bar - Displays a bar of shields


    • Aimbot - a function that helps to aim at enemies when shooting

    • Prediction - predicts the enemy's movements, allows you to more accurately aim at moving targets

    • Fov Radius - draws a circle on the screen that shows the radius of the aimbot

    • PSilent - silent aim. Aimbot mode, in which bullets fly at targets, but the sight is not aimed at them

    • RCS - recoil control system when aiming

    • Color Fov - color selection for the circle showing the radius of the aimbot

    • FOV - target capture radius of the aimbot

    • Smooth - smoothness of aiming the sight at the target with a cheat. The higher the value, the smoother and slower the aiming

    • HChance - hit chance. If silent aim is enabled, this is the chance of hitting the target. If the silent is not enabled, then this parameter gives randomness to hits on hitboxes

    • Key - selection of the key responsible for the activation of the aim. If the key is pressed - aim works

    • Bone - selection of the body part on which the aim will work in priority.



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